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Exploring the Future of 3D Art with David Ariew.  Episode 41
VR Data Tracking? Is it Good or Bad? | Tony Bevilacqua CEO of Cognitive3D
Podcast: @RyanSelvy Enlightens us on how to stream as a digital artist!
Winbush - Video Game Convo!
E38:  @JonathanWinbush  shares his keys to success and thoughts on the future of digital art.
E37: Revilo - Making art for +1000 days straight
E36: Hafid Reyes - The Future of AR
E28: Will Clark @_m3atball
16 - Danny Behar - SNL Editor + Blender Artist
14 - Will Harvey - 3D Digital Art + Visual Content for Musicians
13 - Vernon Roberts - Branding, Print Design and Color Management
12 - Konstantin - Discussions with a Russian 3D Artist
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