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 About Us

XR Motion is an online ecosystem providing tools and training to 3D Artists & Motion Designers enriched with a growing community of dynamic creators with extensive experience developing best-in-class digital content. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or just getting started, XR Motion provides valuable resources to help bring your projects to the next level.  

Mikee Steinberg, XR Motion Founder & Host
Andrew Hoag, XR Motion Pod cast Co-Host
Patrice Yip,  Producer and strategist

Michael Steinberg

Founder / Podcast Host

Andrew Hoag

Podcast Co-host

Patrice Yip

Producer and strategist

Logan Shanahan,  Content Creator
 Lyell Hintz​, AI Wizard
Tamar Rubinstein, Motion Designer and Editor

Logan Shanahan

Content Creator 

Lyell Hintz

AI Wizard

Tamar Rubinstein
Motion Designer and Editor

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